Daltonia lindigiana Hampe
  • Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., sér. 5,

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General Information

Plants medium-sized, 1–5 cm tall, glossy, green to yellowish green. Stems erect, sparsely and ir-regularly branched, evenly foliate, dark red; stems in cross section with hyalodermis of enlarged, red-dish, at times pored cells, subepidermis of 1–3 rows of small, thick-walled, red cells, cortical cells en-larged, thin-walled, central strand absent; paraphyllia absent; pseudoparaphylliaabsent; axillary hairs 3–4 cells long, basal 1–2 cells short-rectangular, reddish brown, upper cells oblong-elongate, hyaline; rhizoids smooth, reddish brown, at times pinnately branched, at base of stems, around branch primor-dia, and along the stems abaxial to the leaf insertions. Leaves isophyllous, erect, straight or somewhat flexuose when dry, erect-spreading to spreading when wet, lanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, 3–4 mm long, deeply keeled in lower 1/2, acuminate, decurrent; margins narrowly recurved, bordered by elon-gate, thick-walled, sometimes porose cells, 8–10 cells wide at base, entire throughout or minutely denticulate near the apices; costae single, strong, often flexuose, ending 7/8 the leaf length, in cross section cells homogeneously thick-walled; upper cells narrowly rhomboidal to elongate, 25–50 X 5–86 µm, smooth, sometimes porose, median cells longer, otherwise similar, interior basal cells lin-ear-rhomboidal to linear, firm-walled, not bulging, often porose, to 60 µm long, juxtacostal basal cells in a broad band similar to border cells and grading into the interior basal cells, cells across the insertions enlarged, reddish, porose. Asexual reproduction occasionally by multicellular, uniseriate, clavate to fusiform propagula, abaxial at the base of the costa. Autoicous. Perichaetia lateral on stems. Setae elongate, 5–12 mm long, red, scabrose above, smooth or roughened below. Capsules erect, ovoid to oblong, more or less constricted at the neck, symmetric, 1.0–1.25 mm long; exothecial cells at the mouth oblate in 3–4 rows, lower cells larger, oblate, rounded-quadrate, or subrectangular, collenchy-matous;

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