Brachymenium macrocarpum Cardot
  • Rev. Bryol.

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General Information

Plants in dense cushions, dark green to olive green, not shiny. Stems 1-2 cm, strongly rosulate. Leaves strongly spirally twisted around stem when dry, somewhat concave, 0.6-1.5 mm; margins weakly revolute proximally, plane distally, distinctly serrate, limbidium present; apex broadly rounded-acute; costa short-excurrent, awn yellowish hyaline; proximal laminal cells quadrate; medial and distal cells hexagonal to short-rectangular, 20-50 × 15- 20 µm, 2-3:1. Specialized asexual reproduction by rhizoidal tubers on rhizoids at base of stem, red to orange-red, spheric, 100-300 µm. Seta light brown to red-brown, 1-2 cm.

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