Bryoxiphium norvegicum (Brid.) Mitt.
  • J. Linn. Soc., Bot.

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General Information

Plants 4-30 × 0.5-1.5 mm (not including flaring distal subulate leaves). Leaves somewhat scale-like proximally; median leaves oblong-lanceolate, rounded or nearly so, 1-2 mm, becoming apiculate to aristate; distal and gametoecial leaves 3-6 mm, long-subulate with ± twisted, ± hyaline, flexuous, smooth to spinose subula; costa ending few cells below apex in proximal and median leaves, ending in subula of distal and gametoecial leaves, interior cells of homogeneous stereids, exterior layer thinner-walled; abaxial lamella 1-6 cells high, sometimes absent, usually developed best on subulate leaves, usually ending well above insertion; interior laminal cells 11-40 × 9-18 µm; marginal cells 14-60 × 3.5-7.0 µm. Seta ca. 2 mm. Capsule ca. 1 mm. Spores 19-23 µm, slightly papillose.

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