Neckera crenulata Harv.
  • Icon. Pl. 1: pl. 21: f. 6 21 f 1836

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2. Neckera crenulata Harv. in Hook.   齿叶平藓   chi ye ping xian Icon. Pl. 1: 21, f. 6. 1836. Taiwanobryum crenulatum (Harv.) S. Olsson, Enroth & D. Quandt, Organisms Diversity Evol. 10: 120. 2010. Pterobryon crenulatum (Harv.) A. Jaeger, Ber. Thätigk. St. Gallischen Naturwiss. Ges. 1875–76: 241. 1877. Type: Nepal. Wallich s.n. Baldwiniella tibetana C. Gao, Acta Phytotax. Sin. 17: 117, pl. 2, f. 12–17. 1979. Type: China. Xizang, Cona Co., Ecol. Off. Tibet Sect. M7404-1 (IFSBH). Neckera formosana Nog., Trans. Nat. His. Soc. Formosa 25: 65. 1935. Type: China. Taiwan, Taityu, Noguchi 6863. Neckera luzonensis R. S. Williams, Bull. New York Bot. Gard. 8: 358. 1914. Neckera morrisonensis Nog., J. Sci. Hiroshima Univ., Ser. B, Div. 2, Bot. 3(2): 20. 1936. Type: China. Taiwan, Tai-nan (Taiyu) Co., Noguchi 9852. Neckera speciosa (Nog.) Nog., J. Jap. Bot. 13: 407. 1937. Himantocladium speciosum Nog., Trans. Nat. Hist. Soc. Formosa 24: 473. 1934. Type: China. Taiwan, Taityu, Rakuraku, Noguchi 6989.   Plants rigid, yellowish green, somewhat glossy, in loose mats. Primary stems creeping; secondary stems erect or ascending, up to 8 cm long, densely pinnately branched. Stem leaves complanate, ovate-lingulate, to ca. 3 mm long, strongly undulate above when dry, concave, obtuse or obtusely apiculate at the apex, narrowed, decurrent at the base; margins coarsely serrate above, incurved on distal margins at the base; costae single, vanishing in mid-leaf; upper leaf cells elongate-rhombic, 20–35 µm, thick-walled; median cells linear-rhomboidal, 45–60 µm × 5–7 µm; basal juxtacostal cells strongly porose; alar cells somewhat differentiated, quadrate, porose; branch leaves smaller, 1.0–1.7 mm long, broadly acute at the apex. Dioicous. Inner perichaetial leaves lanceolate. Setae 5–7 mm long; capsules erect, oblong-ovoid, reddish brown; opercula conic at the base, shortly obliquely rostrate; peristome double; exostome teeth lanceolate, densely finely papillose; endostome segments linear, as long as the teeth, keeled, perforate; basal membrane low. Spores subspherical, ca. 30 µm in diameter.  

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