Fissidens adianthoides Hedw.
  • Sp. Musc. Frond.

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General Information

Plants to 85 × 5 mm. Stem mostly branched; axillary hyaline nodules absent; central strand present. Leaves as many as 60 pairs, somewhat undulate, oblong to lanceolate, acute, occasionally obtuse, to 3.5 × 1.2 mm; dorsal lamina rounded or narrowed proximally, ending at insertion, not decurrent; vaginant laminae 1/2-3/5 the leaf length, ± equal, minor lamina ending on or near margin; margin crenulate to regularly serrulate but irregularly serrate distally, elimbate; costa ending 2-3 cells before apex to percurrent, taxifolius-type; laminal cells usually 1-stratose, infrequently and irregularly 2-stratose in the dorsal and ventral laminae, distinct, smooth, ± plane, firm-walled, irregularly quadrate to hexagonal, 10-20 µm, 1-5 marginal rows usually thinner with slightly thicker walls, forming a lighter marginal band, juxtacostal cells larger, mostly oblong and pellucid; vaginant laminal cells somewhat larger. Sexual condition dioicous (?); perigonia not seen; perichaetia on short axillary branches, generally confined to proximal half of stems. Sporophyte 1 per perichetium. Seta to 25 mm. Capsule theca mostly ± inclined, ± arcuate, bilaterally symmetric, to 1.5 mm; peristome taxifolius-type; operculum to 1.5 mm. Calyptra cucullate, smooth, to 2.5 mm. Spores 13-22 µm.

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    • Native distribution
    Found in
    • Southern America Brazil Rio Grande do Sul
    • Santa Catarina

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    Brazilian Flora 2020 project - Projeto Flora do Brasil 2020
    Brazil Flora G (2014): Brazilian Flora 2020 project - Projeto Flora do Brasil 2020. v393.147. Instituto de Pesquisas Jardim Botanico do Rio de Janeiro. Dataset/Checklist. doi:10.15468/1mtkaw
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