Ulmus elongata L.K. Fu & C.S. Ding
  • Acta Phytotax. Sin.

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General Information

Trees, to 30 m tall, d.b.h. to 80 cm, deciduous. Bark brownish gray, exfoliating. Branchlets chestnut brown, sometimes with a corky layer, with scattered lenticels. Winter buds narrowly ovoid; inner bud scale margin apically pubescent. Stipules lanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, 0.7-1.8 cm. Petiole 3-11 mm, pubescent; leaf blade elliptic to lanceolate-elliptic, 7-19 × 3-8 cm, abaxially densely pubescent, adaxially glabrous or glabrescent, base cuneate and ± oblique, margin doubly serrate with teeth incurved and cuspidate, apex acuminate; secondary veins 16-30 on each side of midvein. Inflorescences racemose cymes; rachis elongated, pendulous, sparsely pubescent. Flowers from floral buds on second year branchlets. Pedicel 2-4 × as long as perianth. Perianth funnelform; tepals 6. Samaras yellowish green, shuttle-shaped, 2-2.5 cm × ca. 3 mm, basally with a long gynophore, margin densely white ciliate; stalk slender, unequally long, 0.5-2.2 cm. Seed at center or slightly toward apex of samara. Fl. Feb, fr. Mar.

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