Mirabilis jalapa var. jalapa 

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General Information

Stems usually several, 5-15(-28) dm; herbage glabrous or lightly puberulent basally, glabrous or puberulent (glandular-puberulent) distally, pubescence often in 2 lines. Leaves at midstem with petioles 1-7 cm; blade usually deltate-ovate, oblong-ovate, or broadly lanceolate, 4-14 × 2-9 cm, base cordate to obtuse. Inflorescences moderately dense to open clusters of flowers among inconspicuous or conspicuous and foliaceous bracts 2-17 mm; peduncle 0.5-5 mm; bracts 40-60% connate, 5-12 mm in flower, 7-15(-17) mm in fruit, apex triangular, lanceolate, or linear-lanceolate. Flowers: perianth usually rose-pink, sometimes yellow, rarely white or variegated [orange], (2-)3.5-5 cm, glabrous (rarely highly puberulent). Fruits dark brown to nearly black, 7-11 mm, round or obscurely, bluntly 5-angled in cross section, broadly ellipsoid to slightly obovoid, base abruptly constricted to truncate, apex tapered to obtuse or slightly constricted and truncate, fruit surface smooth or inconspicuously rugose or tuberculate, glabrous or puberulent. 2n = 58.

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