Malva cathayensis M.G. Gilbert, Y. Tang & Dorr
  • Fl. China

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General Information

Herbs biennial or perennial, erect, many branched, 50-90 cm tall, strigose. Leaves alternate; stipule ovate-oblique, margin serrate, apex acuminate; petiole 4-8 cm, subglabrous, strigose adaxially; leaf blade cordate or reniform, 5-12 × 5-7 cm, papery, glabrous or sparsely strigose on veins, base subcordate to rounded, margin crenate, 5-7-lobed, lobes orbicular. Flowers 3-11-fascicled, axillary. Pedicel 1-2 cm, glabrous or strigose. Epicalyx lobes 3, oblong, 3-4 × 1-2 mm, apex rounded, pilose. Calyx cup-shaped, 6-7 mm, 5-lobed, broadly triangular, stellate pilose on both surfaces. Corolla purplish red or white, 3-5 cm in diam.; petals 5, spatulate, ca. 2 cm, apex slightly emarginate; claw barbed. Staminal column 8-10 mm, scabrous. Filaments glabrous. Style branches 9-11, minutely puberulent. Capsule flat globose, 5-7 mm in diam.; mericarps 9-11, reniform, pilose, abaxially puberulent, reticulate. Seeds dark brown, reniform, ca. 2 mm. Fl. May-Oct.

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