Ulmus villosa Brandis ex Gamble
  • Man. Ind. Timbers ed. 2

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General Information

A medium to large tree. Branches more or less drooping, minutely pubescent. Leaves ovate-oblong to elliptic, up to 10 x 5 cm, acute to subacuminate, base subequal, upper surface smooth, glabrous to subglabrous, lower surface slightly pubescent with scattered elongated glandular reddish hairs, sometimes with white villous tufts in axils of nerves in old leaves, uniformly biserrate with 3-5-7 secondary teeth. Inflorescence in dense. sessile fascicles. Flowers subsessile perianth tube elongating after flowering. Perianth lobes 5, ovate, obtuse, upper margin dentate or laciniate, ciliate with simple and elongated club-shaped red glandular hairs. Stamens 3-4; filaments longer than perianth. Ovary and style densely villous.

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