Sesuvium verrucosum Raf.
  • New Fl.
  • Western-purslane

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General Information

Plants perennial, papillate with crystalline globules abundant, glabrous. Stems prostrate, to 1 m, forming mats to 2 m diam., branched from base, finely verrucose; not rooting at nodes. Leaves: blade linear to widely spatulate, to 4 cm, base tapered or flared and clasping. Inflorescences: flowers solitary; pedicel absent or to 2 mm. Flowers: calyx lobes rose or orange adaxially, ovate-lanceolate, 2-10 mm, margins scarious, apex hooded or beaked, papillate abaxially; stamens 30; filaments connate in proximal 1/2, reddish; pistil 5-carpellate; ovary 5-loculed; styles 5. Capsules ovoid-globose, 4-5 mm. Seeds 20-40, dark brown to black, 0.8-1 mm, shiny, smooth.

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