Hylotelephium erythrostictum (Miq.) H.Ohba
  • Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 90: 50 (1977)
  • Garden orpine

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General Information

Roots tuberous, carrot-shaped. Stem simple, erect, 30-70 cm. Leaves opposite, rarely 3-verticillate, sessile, oblong to ovate-oblong, 4.5-7 × 2-5.5 cm, base attenuate, margin sparsely serrate, apex obtuse to acute. Cymes flat topped, densely flowered. Flowers ca. 1 cm in diam.; pedicel shorter than or equaling flowers. Sepals ovate, ca. 1.5 mm. Petals dense, white or pink, broadly lanceolate, 5-6 mm, apex acuminate. Stamens slightly shorter than or equaling petals; anthers purple. Nectar scales oblong-cuneate, ca. 1 mm, apex emarginate. Carpels nearly free, erect, ellipsoid. Fl. Aug-Oct.

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    Stems 4-10 dm × 5-10 mm, from rootstock with cluster of white, tuberous, carrot-shaped roots. Leaves alternate or opposite, sessile or short-petiolate, becoming scarcely smaller distally; blade light yellow-green or glaucous-green, elliptic, 6-10 × 3-4 cm, base rounded or cuneate, margins coarsely serrate or dentate toward apex, apex subacute. Cymes lax, 7-15 cm diam. Pedicels 3-6 mm. Flowers often sterile, 8-10 mm diam.; sepals triangular, 2 mm; petals white with green midribs or greenish, 5-6 mm; stamens absent or 1-10, as long as petals; pistils absent or 1-5, pink, 3-5 mm; styles 1 mm; nectaries whitish, oblong, 1 mm, longer than wide. 2n = 48.

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    Other Local Names

    Garden orpine

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