Acer L.
  • Sp. Pl. 2: 1054. 1753. (1 May 1753)

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Trees or shrubs. Leaves mostly simple and palmately lobed or at least palmately veined, in a few species pinnately veined and entire or toothed, or pinnately or palmately 3-5-foliolate. Inflorescence corymbiform or umbelliform, sometimes racemose or large paniculate. Sepals (4 or)5, rarely 6. Petals (4 or)5, rarely 6, seldom absent. Stamens (4 or 5 or)8(or 10 or 12); filaments distinct. Carpels 2; ovules (1 or)2 per locule. Fruit a winged schizocarp, commonly a double samara, usually 1-seeded; embryo oily or starchy, radicle elongate, cotyledons 2, green, flat or plicate; endosperm absent. 2n = 26.

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    "Lvs simple and usually palmately veined and lobed, or less often pinnately or palmately compound with few lfls; fr normally a double samara with winged mericarps, the seed-bearing base of the mericarp thickened and not winged. (Argentacer, Negundo, Rufacer, Saccharodendron) 110, cosmop."

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