Agastache J. Clayton ex Gronov.
  • Fl. Virgin. (ed. 2) 88. 1762.

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Herbs tall perennials. Leaves petiolate, margin dentate. Verticillasters many flowered, in terminal spikes. Calyx tubular-obconical, straight, 15-veined, not hairy annulate inside, throat oblique. Corolla tube straight, gradually dilated to throat, as long as to slightly longer than calyx, not hairy annulate inside, 2-lipped; upper lip straight, 2-lobed; lower lip spreading, 3-lobed, middle lobe widest, spreading, base not clawed, margin undulate, lateral lobes straight. Stamens 4, fertile, much exserted, posterior 2 longer and inclined forward, anterior 2 erect-ascending; anther cells 2, initially almost parallel, later ± divergent. Style subequally 2-cleft. Nutlets smooth, apex hairy.

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    "Cal nearly regular, the 15-nerved tube somewhat oblique at the throat, the 3-nerved lobes about alike; upper cor-lip directed forward, shallowly 2-lobed, the lower lip 3-lobed, its central lobe expanded and decurved, but its lateral lobes displaced onto the summit of the cor-tube; stamens 4, exsert, the 2 lower curved upward under the upper cor-lip, the 2 upper longer and downcurved; pollen-sacs parallel or nearly so; nutlets minutely hairy at the tip; perennial herbs with numerous rather small fls crowded in dense verticils subtended by inconspicuous bracts, forming terminal, continuous or interrupted spike-like infls. 20, N. Amer. and se. Asia."

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