Aglaia Lour.
  • Fl. Cochinch. 1: 98, 173. 1790.

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Trees or shrubs, dioecious, young parts usually lepidote or stellately pubescent. Leaves alternate to subopposite, odd-pinnate, 3-foliolate, or rarely simple; leaflet blade margins entire. Flowers in axillary thyrses, small, usually globose. Calyx slightly or deeply 3-5-lobed. Petals 3-5, short, concave, quincuncial or imbricate in bud, distinct or rarely basally connate and adnate to staminal tube. Stamens as many as or more than petals; staminal tube usually subglobose, obovoid, or cup-shaped with apex incurved, apical margin entire, crenate, or shallowly lobed; anthers 5 or 6(-12), included, slightly exserted, or rarely semiexserted. Disk absent. Ovary 1-3(or 4)-locular, with 1 or 2 ovules per locule; style short or absent; stigma ovoid or shortly cylindric. Fruit with fibrous pericarp, indehiscent with 1 or 2 locules or loculicidally dehiscent with 3 locules; locules without seeds or each containing 1 seed; pericarp often containing latex. Seeds usually surrounded by a colloidal and fleshy aril; endosperm absent.

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