Aquilegia L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 533. 1753. (1 May 1753)
  • Columbine, ancolie

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General Information

Herbs , perennial, from slender woody rhizomes. Leaves basal and cauline, proximal leaves petiolate, distal leaves sessile; cauline leaves alternate. Leaf blade 1-3×-ternately compound, leaflets lobed or parted, margins crenate. Inflorescences terminal, 1-10-flowered cymes or solitary flowers, to 30 cm; bracts leaflike, not forming involucre. Flowers bisexual, radially symmetric; sepals not persistent in fruit, 5, white to blue, yellow, or red, plane, narrowly ovate to oblong-lanceolate, short-clawed, 7-51 mm; petals 5, distinct, white to blue, yellow, or red, oblong to rounded or spatulate blade, 0-30 mm, base backward-pointing tubular spur, apex plane; nectary in ± enlarged tip of spur; stamens many; filaments filiform; scalelike staminodes usually present between stamens and pistils; pistils 5-10, simple; ovules many per pistil; beak present. Fruits follicles, aggregate, sessile, cylindric, sides prominently veined; beak terminal, straight, 3-26 mm. Seeds black, obovoid, smooth. x = 7.

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    Herbs perennial. Stems numerous, erect. Basal leaves 1--3 × ternately compound, long petiolate; leaflets lobed or parted. Stem leaves similar to basal ones but smaller. Inflorescences cymose, umbelliform, or sometimes 1-flowered; bracts leaflike, not involucral. Flowers radially symmetric, bisexual. Sepals 5, spreading. Petals 5, erect to suberect, usually smaller than sepals, base usually prolonged into a spur. Stamens numerous; filaments linear-filiform, 1-veined. Staminodes ca. 7, membranous. Pistils (4)or 5(--10); style ca. 1/2 as long as ovary; ovules numerous. Follicles narrowly cylindric, prominently veined; styles persistent. Seeds numerous, black, narrowly obovoid, smooth.

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    "Fls regular, but complex in structure; sep 5, short- clawed; pet 5, the blade prolonged backward from the base below the fl into an elongate, hollow spur; stamens numerous, often ± connivent, the innermost staminodial; follicles mostly 5, erect; perennial herbs from a stout, caudex-like rhizome, with petiolate, 2–3 times ternately compound, alternate lvs and few but showy fls. 70, N. Hemisphere."

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    Munz, P. A. 1946. The cultivated and wild columbines. Gentes Herb. 7: 1-150. Payson, E. B. 1918. The North American species of Aquilegia. Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 20: 133-157.

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    Columbine, ancolie

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    New York Botanical Garden
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