Arctomecon Torr. & Frém.
  • Rep. Exped. Rocky Mts. 312, pl. 2. 1845.
  • Desert bearclaw-poppy [Greek arktos, bear, alluding to the long-pilose pubescence, and mekon, poppy]

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General Information

Herbs , perennial, evergreen, cespitose, scapose or very short-caulescent and subscapose, from taproots. Stems (caudices) when present leafy, erect, branching, covered with marcescent leaf bases. Leaves all or mostly basal and rosulate, petiolate; blade cuneate to fan-shaped, 1×-lobed distally, glaucous, long-pilose, hairs flexuous, barbed; margins entire; lobes acute, long-bristled. Inflorescences terminal, cymiform, simple or branching; bracts present; buds nodding. Flowers: sepals 2 or 3, distinct; petals persistent, 4 or 6; stamens many; pistil 3-6-carpellate; ovary 1-locular; style 1 and short, or absent; stigmas 1 per carpel, connate, capitate, cordately 2-lobed. Capsules erect, 3-6-valved, dehiscing from apex leaving persistent placental ribs unseparated at apex, valve tips recurving. Seeds several to many, dark brown, shining, ovoid, 1.5-3 mm, aril present. x = 12.

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    Other Local Names

    Desert bearclaw-poppy [Greek arktos, bear, alluding to the long-pilose pubescence, and mekon, poppy]

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