Aspidistra Ker Gawl.
  • Bot. Reg. 8: , pl. 628. 1822[1822].

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Herbs perennial, rhizomatous. Rhizome creeping, elongate; nodes dense. Leaves solitary or 2--4-tufted, basal, erect, long petiolate; leaf blade many veined. Scape usually very short, with 2--8 scales, 1(or 2)-flowered. Flowers bisexual, terminal, generally embraced by 1 or 2 bracts at perianth base. Perianth campanulate, urceolate, or cupular, fleshy, apically (4--)6--8(--10)-lobed. Stamens as many as and opposite perianth lobes, usually inserted in proximal part of perianth tube; filaments very short or absent; anthers dorsifixed. Ovary 3- or 4-loculed; ovules several per locule. Style short, sometimes articulate; stigma usually peltate or mushroom-shaped, large, entire or lobed at margin. Fruit a berry, globose to ovoid-ellipsoid, usually 1-seeded.

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