Astraea Klotzsch
  • Arch. Naturgesch. 7(1): 194–195. 1841.
  • [For Greek mythological Astraea (star maiden), daughter of Zeus and Themis]

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General Information

Herbs [subshrubs, shrubs], annual [perennial], monoecious; hairs unbranched and stellate; latex colorless. Leaves alternate, simple [palmately compound]; stipules present, persistent; petiole present, glands present at apex; blade unlobed or palmately lobed, margins serrate [entire], laminar glands absent; venation palmate at base, pinnate distally. Inflorescences bisexual (pistillate flowers proximal, staminate distal), terminal, racemes [thyrses]; glands subtending each bract 0. Pedicels present. Staminate flowers: sepals 5, imbricate, distinct; petals 5, distinct, white [to pink]; nectary extrastaminal, 5 glands; stamens 8–15, inflexed in bud, distinct; pistillode absent. Pistillate flowers: sepals 5(–7), usually not touching in bud, connate basally; petals 0; nectary 5 glands; pistil 3-carpellate; styles 3, connate basally [distinct], multifid. Fruits capsules. Seeds oblong-rectangular; caruncle present. x = 9.

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    [For Greek mythological Astraea (star maiden), daughter of Zeus and Themis]

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