Bartramiopsis Kindb.
  • Rev. Bryol. 21: 33. 1894.
  • [Genus Bartramia and Greek -opsis, resembling]

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General Information

Plants slender, not distinctly polytrichoid. Stems simple. Leaves with a sheathing base and divergent limb; sheath ciliate on the shoulders, not hyaline-margined; limb serrate-toothed to the sheath (or ciliate near the base), with lamellae restricted to the adaxial surface of the costa; lamina 2-stratose, with sporadic 1-stratose patches, the adaxial layer of cells bulging-mammillose; lamellae serrate in profile, the marginal cells in section not differentiated, smooth. Capsule short-cylindric, terete, flaring at the mouth when old and empty, weakly contracted at the base, the long-tapering neck merging with the seta; exothecial cells without thin spots or pits; stomata present, confined to the neck; operculum conic; peristome none; columella flaring at the tip, persisting and elevated above the rim of the capsule. Calyptra naked. Spores papillose.

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    [Genus Bartramia and Greek -opsis, resembling]

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