Bocconia L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 505. 1753. (1 May 1753)

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General Information


Arbustos a árboles pequeños, látex amarillo o anaranjado. Hojas grandes, lobadas, dentadas o raramente enteras. Flores en panículas terminales con muchas flores pequeñas; sépalos 2; pétalos ausentes; estambres 12–16, filamentos cortos y finos, anteras alargadas. Cápsula lisa, 2-valvada, estipitada, dehiscente desde la base; semilla 1, con arilo pulposo en la base.

Un género de América tropical con 6 a 10 especies, alcanzando desde México hasta Argentina; 2 especies conocidas en Nicaragua. La corteza es usada como tinte y su látex anaranjado es usado como remedio para el dolor de muelas.

J. Hutchison. Bocconia and Macleaya. Bull. Misc. Inform. 1920: 275–282. 1920.

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    Small trees or shrubs (or subherbaceous perennials when young) of higher elevations, the branchlets thick, coarse, often gnarled, pithy and weak; leaves simple, large, usually lobate and dentate but in some species subentire, several- ranked, usually conspicuously lighter below than above, pinnately nerved, reticu- late, varying considerably according to position on the plant; inflorescence a large, graceful panicle, terminal, subterminal, or lateral from the branchlets; bracts and bractlets small and narrow, frequently caducous; pedicels slender; flowers numer- ous, apetalous, whitish; sepals 2, usually oblong or elliptic, concave, sessile; stamens few to many, invested by the sepals, the anthers slender, the filaments short; ovary fusiform, stipitate, bearing a single basifixed ovule; style slender; stigma bilamellate, extended beyond the sepals and stamens, very conspicuous; fruit somewhat fleshy, dehiscing by 2 lateral valves opening first from the base, the replum persistent after dehiscence and fall of the seed; the single seed conspicuously arillate basally.

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    New World tropics and subtropics.

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