Calochortus Pursh
  • Fl. Amer. Sept. 1: 240. 1814[1813].
  • [Greek kalos, beautiful, and chortos, grass]

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General Information

13. Calochortus Pursh

Por R.M. MacFarlane.

Hierbas bulbíferas. Bulbo con una túnica gruesa. Tallos escapiformes o foliosos, a menudo ramificados. Hojas lineares, reducidas en la parte superior. Inflorescencia monocásica o subumbelada; pedicelos bracteados. Flores vistosas, erectas a nutantes; perianto campanulado o ciatiforme; tépalos a menudo conspicuamente barbados, especialmente cerca de las prominentes glándulas basales, los 3 externos más pequeños que los 3 internos; anteras basifijas; ovario 3-locular; estigma 3-lobado. Cápsula 3-angulada a 3-alada, con dehiscencia septicida. Aprox. 60 spp. O. Norteamérica a Guatemala.

La única especie en Mesoamérica es Calochortus ghiesbreghtii.

Bibliografía: Ownbey, M. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 27: 371-560 (1940).

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    Herbs, perennial, sometimes from bulbs; bulb coat membranous or fibrous-reticulate. Stems scapelike or leafy, simple or branched, glabrous, often glaucous; bulblets sometimes borne in leaf axils. Leaves sessile; basal persistent or withering by flowering, solitary, blade base sometimes attenuate and petiolelike; cauline 0–several, sometimes proximalmost appearing as basal, reduced. Inflorescences monochasiate or ± umbellate, 1–many-flowered, bracteate. Flowers: perianth globose to broadly campanulate; sepals 3, distinct, ovate to lanceolate, usually petaloid and glabrous; petals 3, distinct, usually longer and broader than sepals, sometimes clawed, usually hairy adaxially, bearing adaxial gland near base, often spotted to ± patterned; filaments widened at base; anthers usually basifixed or pseudobasifixed, linear to oblong; ovary superior; style absent; stigmas 3. Fruits capsular, 3-locular, 3-angled or -winged, linear, oblong, or globular, dehiscence septicidal. Seeds many, in 2 rows per locule, irregular or flat, coat usually hexagonally reticulate.

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    [Greek kalos, beautiful, and chortos, grass]

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