Corema D. Don
  • Edinburgh New Philos. J. 2: 63. 1826.
  • Broom crowberry, corème [Greek, korema, broom, alluding to growth form]

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General Information

Subshrubs or shrubs, (aromatic). Stems erect, (branches ascending); old twigs rough with persistent leaf bases, young twigs hairy. Leaves persistent, opposite or whorled; petiole present; blade coriaceous, margins entire. Inflorescences terminal capitula (on current year’s growth), 3-7[-9]-flowered; perulae absent. Flowers unisexual (dioecious), radially symmetric; sepals 4-5, distinct; petals absent [3-4, distinct]; stamens [2-]3-4, exserted; anthers without awns, longitudinally dehiscent; ovary 3-5-locular; style exserted; stigma linear. Fruits drupaceous, [white to pink] (gray), globose, dry [fleshy]. Seeds (pyrenes) 3-5, planoconvex, not winged, not tailed; testa smooth. x = 13.

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    "Dioecious; sep 3–4; pet none; stamens 2; ovary 2–5-locular; style slender, with divergent, subulate stigmas, deciduous; drupe globose, dry, usually 3-seeded; bushy shrubs with numerous crowded, alternate or often subverticillate lvs and small, sessile, terminal heads of purplish fls. 2, the other in Iberia and the Azores."

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    SELECTED REFERENCES Brown, S. 1913. Corema conradii. Bartonia 6: 1-7. Dunwoodie, P. W. 1990. Rare plants in coastal heathlands: Observations on Corema conradii (Empetraceae) and Helianthemum dumosum (Cistaceae). Rhodora 92: 22-26. Martine, C. T., D. Lubertazi, and A. DuBrul. 2005. The biology of Corema conradii: Natural history, reproduction, and observations of a post-fire seedling recruitment. N. E. Naturalist 12: 267-286.

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    Other Local Names

    Broom crowberry, corème [Greek, korema, broom, alluding to growth form]


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