Cupressus L.
  • Sp. Pl. 2: 1002. 1753. (1 May 1753)
  • Cypress [Latin name of C . sempervirens ]

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General Information

Trees (rarely shrubs) evergreen, monoecious; branchlets ascending, rarely pendulous, often decussately arranged, terete or 4-angled in cross section. Leaves decussate, 4-ranked; juvenile leaves needlelike; adult leaves scalelike, with an abaxial resin gland, usually not dimorphic along branchlets. Pollen cones ovoid or oblong; microsporophylls 6-16, each with 2-6 pollen sacs. Seed cones terminal, solitary, globose or subglobose, dehiscent when mature in 2nd year; cone scales 8-16, decussate, peltate, woody, each fertile scale bearing 3-20 seeds; free bract apex a short mucro. Seeds slightly flattened, ridged, with lateral, narrow wings. Cotyledons 2-5.

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    Cupressus lusitanica Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8, Cupressus no. 3. 1768; C. lindleyi Klotzsch ex Endl.; C. benthamii var. lindleyi (Klotzsch ex Endl.) Mast.

    Arboles altos; plantas monoicas. Hojas escamosas de 1.3–2 mm de largo, opuestas, toda la rama decidua como una unidad, hojas de las ramas terminales de 6–7 mm de largo y de crecimiento rápido. Estróbilo fértil maduro y abierto de ca 1.5 cm de largo, leñoso, con 6 u 8 escamas, escama con muchas semillas. Semilla angular 3–4.5 mm de largo y 3–5 mm de ancho, con dos aletas pequeñas.

    Nativa en las faldas de Cerro Mogotón, de otra parte introducida y posiblemente naturalizada en la zona norcentral; 900–1400 m; Araquistain 1382, Guzmán 931; nativa en las cordilleras desde el centro de México hasta Nicaragua. Posiblemente otras 2 especies se cultiven en el país. "Ciprés".

    T.A. Zanoni. Notes on Cupressus in Mexico. Bol. Soc. Bot. México 39: 128–133. 1980; A. Farjon. Nomenclature of the Mexican cypress or "cedar of Goa", Cupressus lusitanica Mill. (Cupressaceae). Taxon 42: 81–84. 1993.

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    Trees or large shrubs evergreen. Branchlets terete or quadrangular, in decussate arrays (or partially comblike in Cupressus macnabiana ). Leaves opposite in 4 ranks. Adult leaves appressed to divergent, scalelike, rhomboid, free portion of long-shoot leaves to 4 mm; abaxial gland present or absent. Pollen cones with 4--10 pairs of sporophylls, each sporophyll with 3--10 pollen sacs. Seed cones maturing in 1--2 years, generally persisting closed many years or until opened by fire, globose or oblong, 1--4 cm; scales persistent, 3--6 pairs, valvate, peltate, thick and woody. Seeds 5--20 per scale, lenticular or faceted, narrowly 2-winged; cotyledons 2--5. x = 11.

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    Goggans, J. F. and C. E. Posey. 1968. Variation in seeds and ovulate cones of some species and varieties of Cupressus. Circ. Agric. Exp. Sta., Alabama 160: 1--23. Little, E. L. Jr. 1966. Varietal transfers in Cupressus and Chamaecyparis. Madroño 18: 161--167. Little, E. L. Jr. 1970. Names of New World cypresses (Cupressus). Phytologia 20: 429--445. Silba, J. 1981. Revision of Cupressus L. (Cupressaceae). Phytologia 49: 390--399. Wolf, C. B. 1948. Taxonomic and distributional studies of the New World cypresses. Aliso 1: 1--250.

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    Other Local Names

    Cypress [Latin name of C . sempervirens ]

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