Daltonia Hook. & Taylor
  • Muscol. Brit. 80–81, pl. 3 [near upper left], 22 [lower center left & right]. 1818.

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Plants glossy. Stems prostrate or suberect, branches short, ascending. Leaves erect, sometimes flexuose-twisted and contorted when dry, flexuose when moist, ovate-lanceolate, ligulate- to lance-acuminate, symmetric, straight, keeled; margins entire, strongly bordered, cells linear, incrassate, several rows; costa ending before apex in distal 1/4; laminal cells usually uniformly rhomboidal to elongate-hexagonal, walls usually incrassate; basal cells sometimes rounded, longer, smooth. Sexual condition autoicous or synoicous. Seta roughened distally [smooth]. Capsule erect to subinclined; exothecial cells strongly collenchymatous; exostome teeth hygrocastique (teeth incurved when dry and reflexed when moist), densely papillose, with zigzag longitudinal lines, not striate, not furrowed; endostome segments linear, narrow, same length as teeth, perforate along keel. Calyptra smooth to somewhat roughened distally, basal fringe hairs dense. Spores papillose.

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    SELECTED REFERENCE Majestyk, P. 2011. A taxonomic treatment of Daltonia (Musci: Daltoniaceae) in the Americas. J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 5: 553-575.

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