Dasymaschalon (Hook. f. & Thomson) Dalla Torre & Harms
  • Gen. Siphon. 174. 1901.

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General Information

Small trees [rarely climbers], indument of simple hairs. Petiole short; leaf blade venation arcuately looped near margin. Inflorescences axillary, 1-flowered. Flowers bisexual. Sepals 3, valvate. Petals (2 or)3, in 1 whorl alternate with sepals, valvate, apically connivent to form a mitriform dome (floral chamber) over reproductive organs and often with very small basal apertures between petals. Stamens many; connectives apically truncate or apiculate; pollen inaperturate, in monads. Carpels many, free; ovary densely hairy; ovules 1 to many per carpel. Fruit apocarpous; monocarps stipitate, ellipsoid when 1-seeded or moniliform when more than 1-seeded, fleshy, with a terminal apiculus. Seeds 1-6 per monocarp, globose or ellipsoid.

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