Decaisnea Hook. f. & Thomson
  • Proc. Linn. Soc. Lond. 2: 350. 1855.

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General Information

Shrubs erect, deciduous. Monoecious. Branches few. Winter buds with 2 outer scales. Leaves odd pinnate; petiole articulate at base; petiolules short; leaflets opposite. Inflorescences paniculate racemes, terminal. Sepals 6, subimbricate. Petals absent. Male flowers: stamens 6; anthers oblong. Pistillodes small, concealed within filament tube. Female flowers: staminodes free or connate at base. Carpels 3, straight; ovules in 2 rows on either side of carpel adaxial suture. Stigma conspicuous. Fruit straight or ± recurved, dehiscent. Seeds embedded in white translucent pulp, compressed.

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