Dicentra Bernh.
  • Linnaea 8: 457, 468. 1833.

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General Information

"Sep minute; cor ovate or cordate, bilaterally symmetrical; pet weakly united, the outer 2 large, saccate or spurred at base, spreading or ascending at the summit, the inner much narrower, connate toward the dilated and ornamented apex, the claws separate; ovary slender, tapering to the long style; stigma with 2 crests or horns; fr generally capsular, with a persistent replum; handsome perennials with showy fls mostly in racemes or mixed panicles; in subg. Dicentra (including all our spp.) the lvs are all basal and the infl terminates a scape. (Bicuculla) 15–20, N. Amer. and e. Asia."

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