Dichocarpum W.T. Wang & P.G. Xiao
  • Acta Phytotax. Sin. 9(4): 323. 1964.

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General Information

Herbs perennial, erect. Rhizomes present. Stem scapoid, unbranched or few branched, with few leaves or leafless. Leaves basal or basal and cauline, pedately compound, 3--13-foliolate, rarely simple; central leaflet entire. Inflorescences cymose, terminal or axillary, 1--8-flowered; bracts usually 3-lobed. Flowers radially symmetric, bisexual, sometimes cleistogamous. Sepals 5, petaloid, usually white, seldom yellowish or pinkish. Petals 5, golden-yellow, much smaller than sepals, clawed. Stamens 5--25; filaments narrowly linear, 1-veined; anthers yellow. Pistils 2, connate at base; ovary narrowly oblong, many ovuled; styles persistent. Follicles 2, divaricate, apically beaked. Seeds nitid, sometimes somewhat rugose or rough.

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