Eucharis Planch.
  • Cat. Pl. Exot. 8: 3. 1853.

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General Information

Moderate-sized scapose herbs with tunicated bulbs and broadly laminate, narrowly petiolate basal leaves; inflorescence scapose, umbelliform, involucrate, bearing few to several showy pedicellate flowers; perianth infundibuli- form, with a narrowly funnel-shaped tube and a spreading limb of 6 broad ovate or ovate-lanceolate segments; stamens inserted at the throat of the perianth tube, shorter than the lobes; filaments broadly dilated and petaloid at the base, forming a conspicuous corona of free or united segments; anthers versatile; pistil inferior, 3-celled; fruit a tardily dehiscent, somewhat fleshy capsule con- taining a few large ovoid seeds.

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