Hedyosmum Sw.
  • Prodr. 5, 84. 1788. (Jun-Jul 1788)

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General Information

Trees or erect subshrubs, monoecious or dioecious; branches jointed. Leaves opposite, usually serrate; petiole connate, forming a sheath at base. Inflorescences axillary or subterminal. Flowers unisexual, fragrant. Male flowers clustered in spikes; stamen 1; filaments nearly absent; anther 2-loculed, linear or oblong, transversely arranged; connective with a short appendage at apex. Female flowers in various capitula or panicles; tube of perianth 3-toothed, calyxlike, adnate to ovary; style very short or absent. Drupes globose or ovoid, sometimes trigonous, small; exocarp thin, fleshy; endocarp usually hard.

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    Arboles o arbustos, generalmente con raíces fúlcreas; plantas monoicas o dioicas. Hojas aromáticas con las bases de los pecíolos envainadoras y con estípulas en el margen distal de la vaina. Flor femenina epígina con un perianto 3-lobado; flores masculinas compuestas de un estambre solitario, sésil, ebracteado, conectivo de la antera generalmente extendido. Fruto una drupa, frecuentemente formando un fruto múltiple por la fusión del tejido de la bráctea.

    Género con ca 45 especies en América tropical y 1 especie en Asia; 4 especies se conocen en Nicaragua y una especie adicional se espera encontrar. Las hojas de algunas especies de este género se usan para hacer un té medicinal.

    W.G. D'Arcy y R.L. Liesner. Hedyosmum (Chloranthaceae) in Panama. Syst. Bot. 6: 74–86. 1981.

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    Dioecious or monoecious aromatic shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite, generally elliptic to lanceolate, pinnately veined, margin serrate, the petioles connate into a pronounced petiolar sheath enclosing first the apical bud and later the stem, stipules setose to fimbriate. One or two superposed axillary buds may develop from each leaf axil, these buds sometimes becoming exserted from the petiolar sheath by elongation in the nodal region. When the inflorescence is monoecious the terminal bud and the first pair of subtending axillary branches often bear pistillate flowers, while the second and subsequent pairs bear staminate flowers. Staminate catkin of 1 to several cylindrical spikes which greatly elongate at anthesis; flowers naked, ebracteate, sessile or subsessile, each composed of a single bilocular stamen, the connective variously produced, the anthers longi- tudinally dehiscent. Pistillate inflorescence racemiform, paniculiform or spiciform; flowers monochlamydeous, bracteate, perianth fused into a tri-lobed urceolate cup persistent in fruit; ovary unilocular, uniovulate; style short, deciduous; fruit a small three-angled drupe.

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    shrubs trees

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    Approximately 50 species. Mexico southward to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil; the Antilles; Asia.

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