Helianthemum Mill.
  • Gard. Dict. Abr. (ed. 4) vol. 2. 1754. (28 Jan 1754)

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Shrubs or subshrubs, rarely perennial or annual herbs. Leaves opposite or upper ones alternate, stipulate or estipulate. Flowers solitary or inflorescences cymose, racemose, corymbose, or headlike, sometimes paniculate, few- to many-flowered. Sepals 5; outer 2 ca. 1/2 size of inner 3; inner 3 subequal, 3-6-veined, accrescent in fruit. Petals 5, yellow, orange-yellow, or pink. Styles filiform; stigmas large, capitate. Capsule 3-angled, 3-valved, 1-loculed or imperfectly 3-loculed. Seeds many.

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    Helianthemum pringlei S. Watson, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 23: 268. 1888; Halimium pringlei (S. Watson) Grosser.

    Subarbustos escasamente ramificados, hasta 35 cm de alto, surgiendo de un cáudice leñoso; tallos muy delgados, menudamente tomentuloso-estrellados y gris pálidos. Hojas oblanceolado-oblongas a estrechamente espatuladas, 0.6–2.5 cm de largo y 0.3–1 cm de ancho, gris pálidas y tomentuloso-estrelladas; sésiles o casi sésiles. Flores dispersas a lo largo de las partes superiores de las ramas, tanto petalíferas como cleistógamas presentes, pedicelos hasta 1.5 cm de largo; sépalos de las flores petalíferas 5, los 2 externos lineares, 2–4 mm de largo, los 3 internos ovalados, 5–8 mm de largo; pétalos 5, 9–12 mm de largo, efímeros, amarillos; flores petalíferas casi el doble en tamaño que las cleistógamas. Cápsula 5–7 mm de largo.

    Poco común, bosques de pino-encinos, zona norcentral; 1150–1400 m; fl y fr may–ago; Stevens 10156, 17961; México a Nicaragua. Un género con ca 100 especies, principalmente distribuido desde la región del Mediterráneo al este y centro de Asia.

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    "Sep 5, but the outer 2 much narrower (and often shorter) than the inner and often partly or largely adnate to them; pet 5 in the first fls of the season, convolute in bud, yellow, fugacious, the later fls in our spp. mostly cleistogamous and apetalous; stamens 10–50 or more in open fls, (3)4–6(–8) in cleistogamous ones; style in ours shorter than the ovary, to ca 1 mm, with a capitate stigma, or the stigma virtually sessile; placentas membranous- intruded; embryo curved into a hook, or ring or ± circinate; perennial herbs (ours), or small shrubs with well developed but relatively small and narrow, alternate (ours), short-petiolate or virtually sessile lvs and stellate-hairy herbage, the frs glabrous. (Crocanthemum) 100, widespread."

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