Hesperomecon Greene
  • Pittonia 5: 146. 1903. (28 Aug 1903)
  • [Greek hesperos, evening or western, and mecon, poppy]

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General Information

Herbs annual, short-caulescent, subscapose, distinctly pubescent, from fibrous roots; sap clear. Stems leafy at and near base, erect, branching from base. Leaves opposite, sessile; blade broadly linear, unlobed. Inflorescences axillary or terminal, 1-flowered; bracts absent; bud nodding. Flowers: sepals 3, with overlapping, loosely connivent flaps; petals 6, occasionally more on robust specimens; stamens 12 or more, usually in several series; filaments dilated distally; pistil 3-carpellate; ovary 1-locular; stigmas 3. Capsules erect, 3-valved, dehiscing from apex. Seeds many, aril absent. x = 7.

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    Other Local Names

    [Greek hesperos, evening or western, and mecon, poppy]

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