• Maidenbush [Greek hetero-, other or different from, and genus Savia]

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General Information

Shrubs or trees, dioecious, hairy, glabrescent, hairs simple; branching not phyllanthoid. Leaves persistent, alternate, simple, all well developed; stipules persistent; blade margins entire. Inflorescences unisexual, staminate glomes, pistillate flowers solitary. Pedicels: staminate rudimentary, pistillate present. Staminate flowers: sepals 5, distinct; petals 5; nectary extrastaminal, annular, crenate [entire]; stamens 5; filaments distinct or connate basally [to 1/2 length]; connectives not extending beyond anthers; pistillode 3-divided to base or nearly so. Pistillate flowers: sepals persistent, 5, distinct; petals 5; nectary annular, crenate [entire]; pistil 3(–4)-carpellate; styles (3–)4, distinct, 2-fid 1/2 length. Fruits capsules. Seeds 2 per locule, rounded-trigonous; seed coat dry, smooth; caruncle absent.

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    Maidenbush [Greek hetero-, other or different from, and genus Savia]

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