Holboellia Wall.
  • Tent. Fl. Napal. 23. 1824.

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Woody climbers, evergreen or deciduous. Monoecious. Stems twining. Winter bud outer scales numerous, seriate. Leaves alternate, usually long petiolate; leaf blade palmately 3--9-foliolate or pinnately 3-foliolate; petiolules usually unequal with terminal one longest; leaflet margins entire. Inflorescences axillary, clustered, corymbiform racemes, rarely elongated racemes; several to many flowered. Sepals 6, greenish white or purple, oblong, slightly fleshy, outer 3 valvate, inner 3 usually smaller. Petals 6, minute, opposite stamens, rudimentarily nectariferous. Male flowers: stamens 6, free; connective apically appendaged or unappendaged. Pistillodes 3, minute. Female flowers: carpels 3, straight. Stigma terminal or oblique, often cleft. Fruit oblong to ellipsoid, fleshy, indehiscent. Seeds embedded in pulp.

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