Liriodendron L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 535. 1753. (1 May 1753)
  • [Greek lirion, lily, and dendron, tree]

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General Information

Trees, deciduous. Bark grayish white, longitudinally fissured, falling off in small masses. Winter buds ovoid, surrounded by 2 connate stipules. Stipules free from petiole. Leaves spirally arranged, folded and pendulous in buds; petiole long; leaf blade with 1 or 2 lateral lobes near base, apex truncate to emarginate. Flowers terminal, solitary, bisexual, not fragrant, appearing at same time as leaves. Tepals 9, in 3 whorls, subequal. Anthers dehiscing extrorsely. Gynoecium sessile; carpels many, spirally arranged, distinct, basal ones sterile; ovules 2 per carpel, pendulous. Fruit fusiform; mature carpels woody, falling off from torus when matured; testa fused with endocarp, apex elongated winglike; torus persistent. Seeds 1 or 2 per carpel; testa thin and dry.

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    Trees , deciduous. Pith diaphragmed. Leaves distinctly alternate, not in false terminal whorl; stipules tardily deciduous on summer shoots, free. Leaf blade evenly (2-)4-6(-10)-lobed, base rounded to shallowly cordate or truncate, apex broadly truncate or notched; surfaces abaxially glaucous, adaxially lustrous, smooth. Flowers protogynous, appearing with the leaves; tepals (7-)9, petaloid, tip recurved, greenish yellow with feathered orange band or blotch near base, outermost tepals sepaloid, reflexed, green; stamens on short torus, tardily deciduous, whorled; filaments 1/3-1/2 length of extrorse anthers. Samaras deciduous, indehiscent, in elongate, spindle-shaped, dry cone. Seeds adherent to dry endocarp. x =19.

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    "Sep 3, soon reflexed; pet 6, erect, broadly ovate, forming a cup-shaped cor; anthers extrorse; pistils many, on an elongate receptacle, ripening into a cone of dry, samaroid, eventually deciduous frs; deciduous trees with simple, 4-lobed lvs and large but inconspicuously colored fls. 2, the other in e. Asia."

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    Berry, E. W. 1901. The origin of stipules in Liriodendron. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 28: 493-498. Santamour, F. S. Jr. and F. G. Meyer. 1971. The two tuliptrees. Amer. Hort. Mag. 50(2): 87-89.

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    Other Local Names

    [Greek lirion, lily, and dendron, tree]

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