Lyellia R. Br.
  • Trans. Linn. Soc. London 12: 561. 1819.
  • [For Sir Charles Lyell, 1767-1849]

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General Information

Plants robust, polytrichoid. Stems simple or rarely branched. Leaves with a sheathing base and divergent blade; sheath entire, hyaline-margined; limb firm, serrate-toothed in distal 1/3-1/2, with lamellae restricted to median portion of the limb, the lamina ± uniformly 2-stratose; lamellae entire, the marginal cells in section not differentiated, smooth. [Capsule ovoid, strongly dorsiventral, the upper surface flattened and concave with a narrow winged margin, lower surface rounded-convex, with hypophysis short, with conspicious stomata, guard cells surrounded by a circle of thin-walled, hyaline cells; operculum compressed-conic, with elongated oblique beak; peristome none; columella apex flattened and protruding from the central opening of a concave, thickened disc. Calyptra sparsely hairy to almost smooth. Spores echinulate.]

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    [For Sir Charles Lyell, 1767-1849]

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