Meiotrichum (G.L. Sm.) G.L. Merr.
  • Bryologist 95: 271. 1992.
  • [Greek meio-, fewer, and trichos, hair, alluding to calyptra]

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General Information

Plants robust, polytrichoid. Stems simple to freely branched. Leaves with a sheathing base and divergent blade; sheath entire, hyaline margined; limb firm, serrate-toothed to the sheath, broadly lamellate on the adaxial surface; lamellae entire in profile, the marginal cells with the free wall thickened, the cuticle longitudinally striate and pitted. Capsule ventricose, 4-6-angled; hypophysis rugose, with conspicuous stomata; exothecial cells with rounded to slit-like thin spots in the external wall; operculum hemispherical, with a stout, hooked beak; peristome present, leiodont, teeth 64, simple. Calyptra sparsely hairy. Spores papillose.

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    [Greek meio-, fewer, and trichos, hair, alluding to calyptra]

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