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SELECTED REFERENCES Baird, J. R. and J. W. Thieret. 1989. The medlar (Mespilus germancia, Rosaceae) from antiquity to obscurity. Econ. Bot. 43: 328–372. Li, Q. Y. et al. 2012. Generic limits of Pyrinae: Insights from ribosomal DNA sequences. Bot. Stud. 53: 151–164. Lo, E. Y. Y. and M. J. Donoghue. 2012. Expanded phylogenetic and dating analyses of the apples and their relatives (Pyreae, Rosaceae). Molec. Phylogen. Evol. 63: 230–243. Phipps, J. B. et al. 1991. Isozyme evidence for the naturalness of Mespilus L. (Rosaceae, subfam. Maloideae). Syst. Bot. 16: 546–552. Phipps, J. B. et al. 2003. Hawthorns and Medlars. Portland.

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