Pachira Aubl.
  • Hist. Pl. Guiane 2: 725–726, pl. 291–292. 1775. (Jun-Dec 1775)

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General Information

PACHIRA Aubl.; Bombacopsis Pittier; Rhodognaphalopsis A. Robyns

Arboles o arbustos inermes. Hojas palmaticompuestas, los folíolos enteros o dentados; peciólulos articulados con el ápice del pecíolo. Cáliz truncado; pétalos lineares a espatulados; estambres 100–1000, filamentos formando una columna basal y muchas veces 5, 10 ó 15 falanges encima de la columna basal. Fruto una cápsula leñosa con pocas semillas grandes y desnudas.

Un género con ca 40 especies, mayormente en Sudamérica y con una especie en Africa; 1 especie se encuentran en Nicaragua.

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    Trees, evergreen, unarmed, the trunk sometimes buttressed. Leaves petiolate, the stipules lanceolate, the blade compound-digitate, the leaflets 5-9, articulate, ses- sile or petiolulate, entire or sometimes undulate, the margins sometimes more or less recurved. Flowers grouped toward the end of the branchlets, solitary or geminate, sometimes 3-nate, hermaphrodite, actinomorphous, up to 35 cm. long, pedicellate, 3-bracteolate, the bractlets fugacious; receptacle generally glandular; calyx broadly cupuliform, campanulate to subtubiform, truncate or undulate, coriaceous, per- sistent; petals 5, ribboned, adnate to the base of the staminal column, fleshy, with tufted hairs on both sides, fugacious; stamens 200-700, apparently 2-whorled, more or less long-monadelphous, the anthers 1-thecate, oblong-linear, straight or curved, submedifixus, extrorse, longitudinally dehiscent; pollen colp(or)ate, the sexine of the walls reticulate and provided with baculate or spinulate, suprategillate elements, that of the mesocolpia sometimes echinulate; ovary superior, sessile, 5-celled, the cells many-ovulate, the ovules inserted on a central columella; style filiform; stigma 5-lobulate. Capsules ligneous, large, loculicidally 5-valvate, tufted-pubescent out- side, pubescent and with simple hairs inside, the central columella w inged and per- sistent; seeds few, very large and angular; cotyledons epigeal, surrounded by the testa and appressed against the ground level, alternate, sessile, quite unequal, very fleshy and green, the epicotyl provided with triangular cataphylls, the primordial leaves compound-digitate.

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    Trees, sometimes deciduous, spiny and/or buttressed. Leaves palmately compound; leaflets 3-11, with basal joint, sometimes petiolulate, margin entire or serrate. Flowers bisexual, solitary or 2- or 3-fascicled, axillary, pedicellate; pedicel shorter than 10 cm; bracteoles 2 or 3. Calyx cup-shaped to tubular, adaxially glabrous, truncate to lobed, often with glands abaxially, persistent, sometimes accrescent. Petals spatulate to linear, yellowish green, white, or reddish, abaxially tomentose. Stamens 90-1000 in fascicles of 7-10, connate into tube at base; anthers reniform. Ovary 5-locular; ovules many; style exserted; stigma 5-lobed. Fruit nearly oblong or nearly pyriform, woody or leathery, loculicidally dehiscent into 5 valves, inner surface long woolly. Seeds irregularly scariform-cuneate, large, to 2.5 cm, glabrous, seed coat fragile, smooth.

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      A neotropical genus of two species of which only one is reported from Panama.

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