Perilla L.
  • Gen. Pl. (ed. 6) 578. 1764.

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Herbs aromatic, annual. Leaves dentate. Verticillasters 2-flowered, in terminal and axillary secund racemes; bracts broadly ovate to subcircular. Flowers pedicellate. Calyx campanulate, 10-veined, straight in flower, enlarged, spreading or pendulous, swollen on 1 side in fruit, throat pilose annulate, limb 2-lipped, upper lip 3-toothed, with middle tooth smallest, lower lip 2-toothed, teeth lanceolate. Corolla white to purple-red, campanulate, throat oblique; limb nearly 2-lipped, upper lip emarginate; lower lip 3-lobed, lateral lobes smaller than middle, similar to upper lip. Stamens 4, subequal or anterior 2 longer, erect, separate; anther cells 2, parallel, becoming divergent or divaricate. Style included, apex 2-cleft; lobes subequal, subulate. Nutlets subglobose, netted.

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    "Cal campanulate, 10-nerved, at anthesis weakly 2-lipped, the lips slightly longer than the villous tube, the lower cleft to the base into narrowly triangular segments, the upper cleft a third its length into broadly triangular lobes, the middle one the shortest; fruiting cal enlarged, distinctly 2-lipped, distended on the lower side; cor-tube shorter than the cal, the lips about equal, the 5 lobes broadly rounded; stamens 4, nearly equal, straight, not connivent, about as long as the cor; nutlets globose, areolate; annuals, often purple or purplish, with large, long-petioled lvs and small, purple or white fls borne singly in the axils of small bracteal lvs, forming a loose, elongate, spike-like infl. 5, India to Japan."

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