Pinguicula L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 17. 1753. (1 May 1753)

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General Information

Herbs, perennial [or annual], terrestrial [epilithic or epiphytic], rhizomatous, without rhizoids, stolons, or traps. Roots fibrous. Leaves in a basal rosette, simple, petiolate or sessile, soft and fleshy; leaf blade adaxially usually with numerous viscid glands, veins pinnate, margin entire and usually involute. Inflorescences with a solitary flower, rarely a 2- or 3-flowered raceme, without scales, bracts, or bracteoles. Calyx 2-lipped; lower lip 2-lobed; upper lip 3-lobed. Corolla open at throat, palate of lower lip not raised; lower lip larger than upper lip, spurred, 3-lobed, middle lobe larger; upper lip 2-lobed. Capsule loculicidal, opening by 2 valves. Seeds many per capsule.

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    Pinguicula crenatiloba A. DC., Prodr. 8: 30. 1844.

    Perennes, terrestres. Hojas obovadas, 8–12 mm de largo y 3–7 mm de ancho, la haz con glándulas que capturan y digieren, subsésiles. Escapos 3–5, 25–45 mm de largo, glandulosos; flores morado pálidas; cáliz bilabiado, el labio superior trilobado, el inferior bilobado; corola 4–6 mm de largo, espolón cilíndrico y 1.5–2.5 mm de largo. Cápsula globosa, 1.5–2 mm de diámetro, lateralmente 2-valvada.

    Probablemente ocurre en Nicaragua en lugares sombreados y húmedos a más de 800 m; México, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador y Panamá. Un género con ca 50 especies en América templada y tropical, Europa y Asia.

    S.J. Casper. Monographie der Gattung Pinguicula L. Biblioth. Bot. 127/128: 1–209. 1966.

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    Annual or perennial herbs of damp places, scapose with numerous filiform roots. Leaves radical, entire, sessile or petiolate, + fleshy, covered on the upper surface with sessile and stipitate viscid glands which capture and digest small organisms. Pedicels erect, ebracteate. Flowers solitary; calyx 5-fid, ? bilabiate; corolla yellow, white or various shades of pink to purple or blue, limb ? bilabiate, the upper lip 2-lobed, the lower lip 3-lobed, the lobes entire to + deeply bifid, or rarely the limb + regularly 5-lobed, the spur short to very long; stamens short, the filaments incurved, the anthers globose; ovary + globose, glandular, the ovules numerous. Capsules ? globose, laterally bivalvate or dehiscing irregularly; seeds minute, oblong, rugose.

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    "Cal 5-lobed, somewhat 2-lipped; cor 2-lipped, 5-lobed, the lower lip lacking a palate, longer than the upper, and prolonged into a conspicuous basal spur; acaulescent perennials with a rosette of entire basal lvs and one or more, 1-fld bractless scapes. 35, mainly temp. and boreal N. Hemisphere, and Andes."

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    This is a widespread genus of about 45 species distributed throughout the north temperate and mediterranean regions, the Himalayas, southeastern United States, and Central and South America. One species occurs in Panama.

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