Psilopilum Brid.
  • Bryol. Univ. 2: 95. 1827.
  • [Greek psilos, naked, and pilon, hair, alluding to calyptra]

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General Information

Plants small, not polytrichoid, gregarious, often in extensive colonies on soil. Stems unbranched. Leaves only slightly sheathing at base, distinctly concave to channeled, cucullate, the apex obtuse or apiculate; lamina broad and 1-stratose, margins entire or bluntly and irregularly toothed distally by projecting ends of rhomboidal marginal cells, forming an indistinct border; costa smooth at back or roughened near apex, rarely with a few low adaxial lamellae; lamellae restricted to costa, transversely undulate, margins entire or incised and irregularly dentate, marginal cells in section undifferentiated, smooth. Sexual condition dioicous; male plants smaller, perigonia conspicuous, cupulate, bracts broadly ovate, flaring at apex; perichaetial leaves erect, lanceolate, often much longer than stem leaves. Capsule moderately to strongly curved and cylindric to gibbous and asymmetric, wrinkled when dry, not angled, tapering to base; exothecium smooth, exothecial cells short to longitudinally elongate, often with thickened radial longitudinal walls, no thin spots or pits; stomata superficial, at base of capsule; operculum rostrate; peristome deeply divided to below capsule rim, the teeth 32, linear, crowded, at times poorly formed and irregular in shape. Calyptra smooth or roughened at tip. Spores large (20-25 µm), finely papillose.

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    [Greek psilos, naked, and pilon, hair, alluding to calyptra]

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