Rhamnella Miq.
  • Prol. Fl. Japon. 218. 1867.

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General Information

Shrubs or small trees, rarely scandent, evergreen to mostly deciduous. Leaves alternate, shortly petiolate; stipules narrowly triangular or lanceolate, often persistent; leaf blade papery or submembranous, pinnately veined, margin serrulate. Flowers yellow-green, small, bisexual, 5-merous, pedicellate, in shortly pedunculate axillary cymes, or fascicled in axils of leaves. Calyx tube cup-shaped; lobes triangular, midvein adaxially keeled and with centrally inserted beaklike protrusion. Petals ovate-spatulate or orbicular-spatulate, ± distinctly cucullate, enfolding stamens. Stamens dorsifixed; filaments free from claw at base, lanceolate-linear. Disk pentagonous, thin, lining calyx tube, nectariferous. Ovary superior, base slightly immersed in disk, 1- or 2-loculed or imperfectly 1-loculed, with 2 ovules per locule; styles terminally 2-fid. Drupe yellowish to orange, turning black or purple-black when ripe, cylindric-ellipsoidal base with persistent remnants of calyx tube, with rudimentary style at apex, 1- or 2-loculed, with 1 or 2 seeds.

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