Silvianthus Hook. f.
  • Hookers Icon. Pl. 11: 36. 1868.

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General Information

Shrubs or subshrubs; stems hollow. Leaf margin shallowly dentate. Inflorescence a cyme, usually axillary, many flowered, dense, compact, headlike, shortly pedunculate or sessile. Flowers heterostylous. Corolla broadly funnelform, (4 or)5-lobed; lobes induplicate-valvate. Anthers dorsifixed near base, oblong; pollen grains 3-colpate. Disk ridged. Ovary with placentas at middle of septum; style prolonged; stigma oblong-fusiform. Fruit a 5-valved, slightly fleshy capsule. Seeds ovoid-oblong, slightly curved; testa spongy, longitudinally striate.

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      • 1 Hookers Icon. Pl. 11: 36. 1868.

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