Symphytum L.
  • Sp. Pl. : 136 (1753)

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Herbs perennial. Roots thickened, hispid or strigose. Stem leaves sometimes decurrent. Cymes terminal, becoming paniculate, bracteate. Calyx 5-parted to middle or below; lobes unequal, slightly elongated in fruit. Corolla light purple-red, rarely yellow, tubular-campanulate; throat appendages 5, lanceolate, with papillate glands; limb 5-lobed; lobes triangular to semiorbicular, margin dentate, apex sometimes revolute. Stamens inserted at throat, not exserted; anthers linear-oblong. Ovary 4-parted. Style filiform, usually exserted; stigma capitate. Gynobase flat. Nutlets ovoid, sometimes suboblique, usually granular-tuberculate, reticulate-wrinkled, rarely smooth; attachment scar at base, cupular, finely dentate at margin.

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    Cor tubular-campanulate, the well defined tube much longer than the short, erect or apically spreading lobes; fornices narrow and elongate, erect; filaments inserted at the level of the fornices; anthers included; style elongate, shortly exserted; nutlets incurved, ventrally keeled, with a stipe-like basal attachment that fits into the otherwise flattish receptacle, the basal margin of the nutlet forming a prominent, toothed rim; broad-lvd perennials with nodding, white or ochroleucous to pink or blue fls in several or many small, sympodial, naked modified cymes. 25, Europe and Medit. reg.

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