Trollius L.
  • Sp. Pl. 1: 556. 1753. (1 May 1753)
  • Globe-flower [German Trollblume, globe-flower]

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General Information

Herbs , perennial, from short caudices. Leaves basal and cauline, proximal leaves petiolate, distal leaves sessile or nearly so; cauline leaves alternate. Leaf blade deeply palmately divided into (3-)5-7 segments, segments obovate, ± 3-lobed, margins coarsely toothed, often incised. Inflorescences terminal, 1-3[-7]-flowered open cymes or flowers solitary; peduncle 2-30 cm; bracts leaflike, not forming involucre. Flowers bisexual, radially symmetric; sepals not persistent in fruit, (4-)5-9[-30], white to orange-yellow [orange-red or purplish], ± plane [strongly concave and incurved], elliptic, orbiculate, or obovate, sometimes short-clawed, 10-30 mm; petals 5-25, distinct, yellow or orange, plane with cupped base of blade, linear-oblong [ovate], ± clawed, 2-10[-40] mm; nectary within pocketlike base of blade; stamens 20-75; filaments filiform; staminodes absent between stamens and pistils; pistils 5-28[-50], simple; ovules 4-5(-9) per pistil; style present. Fruits follicles, aggregate, sessile, oblong, sides transversely veined; beak terminal, straight, 2-4 mm. Seeds black or dark brown, faceted to angular, dull or lustrous. x =8.

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    Herbs perennial, glabrous, with fibrous roots. Leaves all basal, or basal and cauline, simple, palmately parted or sect. Flower solitary, terminal or few in a cyme. Sepals 5 to many, usually yellow, rarely purplish, obovate, petaloid, usually caducous, rarely persistent. Petals 5 to many, linear, shortly clawed and with nectary pit above base. Stamens numerous; anthers ellipsoid or oblong, filaments narrowly linear. Follicles 5 to many, with branching transverse veins and a persistent style. Seeds subglobose, smooth.

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    "Sep 5 or more, large, petaloid; pet none; staminodes numerous, shorter than the stamens, nectariferous at the base; stamens very numerous; filaments slender; anthers linear; pistils several to many; style subulate; follicles thin-walled; perennial herbs with alternate, palmately cleft lvs and large, solitary, terminal fls. 30, 3 in N. Amer., the others Eurasian."

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    Doroszewska, A. 1974. The genus Trollius L., a taxonomical study. Monogr. Bot. 41: 1-167, plates 1-16.

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    Other Local Names

    Globe-flower [German Trollblume, globe-flower]

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