Vatica L.
  • Mant. Pl. 2: 152, 242. 1771.

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Trees of main canopy and understory, unbuttressed, white resinous. Bark gray, smooth, often with annular striations. Stipules caducous, small; leaf blade ± leathery, pinnately veined, tertiary reticulate veins conspicuous, margin entire. Flowers in axillary or terminal cymose panicles, usually stellate pubescent. Calyx tube short; sepals narrowly imbricate, equal or subequal. Petals white, often with a mauve suffusion, lorate, large, falling separately. Stamens 15; filaments unequal, stout; anthers ellipsoid; connective appendages short, obtuse. Ovary ovoid, pubescent; style cylindric, short; stigma capitate or conic, prominent, entire or dentate. Nut globose or ellipsoid, 1- or 2-seeded; calyx segments equal or unequal, with 2 developed into long wings.

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