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Lianas, deciduous. Winter buds ovoid; scales 3-5. Stipules present. Leaves imparipinnate; leaflet blades opposite, margin entire; stipels present. Racemes terminal, elongate, pendulous; nodes scattered on rachis, with 1 flower. Flowers 1.5-2.5 cm. Corolla stan­dard orbicular, large, reflexed, glabrous or outside with some trichomes at base, with 2 basal calluses; wings free from keel. Stamens diadelphous; vexillary stamen distinct from other 9 or slightly connate at middle of sheath. Ovary stipitate, with trichomes, with 5-16 ovules. Legume linear to oblanceolate, leathery, convex over seeds. Seeds 1-3[or more] per legume, reniform to lenticular, without a strophiole; radicle folded.

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    "Cal-tube hemispheric to campanulate, bilabiate; cal-lobes unequal, the 2 upper short or completely connate, the lowest one often elongate; standard reflexed, rotund, with 2 basal callosities; wings obliquely obovate, clawed, auriculate at base of the blade; keel up curved, auriculate at base; stamens 10, diadelphous; fr linear, flattened, dehiscent, many-seeded; woody twining vines with odd-pinnate lvs and handsome blue fls in large racemes at the end of short branches, appearing before the lvs are fully expanded. (Kraunhia) 6, e. Asia, e. N. Amer."

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