Zingiber Mill.
  • Gard. Dict. Abr. (ed. 4) vol. 3. 1754. (28 Jan 1754)
  • Ginger [the classical name, from Sanskrit crngavera]

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Rhizomes branched, tuberous, aromatic. Pseudostems erect, leafy. Leaves distichous, held in plane parallel to rhizome; petiole swollen, cushionlike; leaf blade oblong, lanceolate, or linear. Inflorescences conical, arising from rhizomes on peduncle clothed with scalelike sheaths, rarely breaking through leaf sheaths without peduncle; bracts closely imbricate, green or other color, 1-flowered, persistent; bracteoles not tubular. Calyx tubular, split on 1 side, apex 3-toothed. Corolla tube slender; central lobe white or cream, usually wider than lateral lobes. Lateral staminodes adnate to labellum, forming a 3-lobed labellum; central lobe retuse or cleft at apex. Filament short; connective with elongate appendage wrapped around style. Ovary 3-loculed; ovules numerous per locule; placentation axile. Style slender, extending beyond anther locules; stigma not expanded. Capsule dehiscent loculicidally or irregularly. Seeds black, covered by aril; aril white, margin irregularly lacerate.

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    Pseudostems well -developed, 1--2 m. Inflorescences terminating short stem with only scale leaves [projecting from side or tip of pseudostem], dense, conelike; bracts of main axis crowded, 1--3[--5], reniform or very broadly ovate [to lance-elliptical or lanceolate]; cincinni sessile, 1-flowered, enclosed in bracts; bracteoles small, inconspicuous, hidden by bracts. Flowers: calyx cylindric, shortly 3-lobed, split down one side; corolla tube cylindric, dilated distally, lobes lanceolate; filament short or nearly absent; anther enclosed within upper petal, not spurred, terminal appendage long; lateral staminodes absent or reduced to small teeth connate with lip, lip plane, entire, notched, or 3-lobed. Fruits capsule, ellipsoid. x = 11.

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    ZINGIBER Boehm.

    Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 8: 348. 1807.

    Hierbas hasta 2 m de alto. Hojas lineares, 5–25 cm de largo y 1–3 cm de ancho, ápice agudo, base cuneada, glabras; lígula 1–10 mm de largo; pecíolo ausente. Inflorescencia un racimo basal, espiciforme, en el ápice de un brote afilo, 3.5–7 cm de largo y 0.5–2.5 cm de ancho, cincinos con 1 flor, escapo 15–25 cm de largo, brácteas ovado-elípticas a obovadas, 2–3 cm de largo, obtusas, glabras, verde pálidas con márgenes rojos, bractéolas 20–30 mm de largo; cáliz 10–12 mm de largo; corola 35–50 mm de largo, glabra, amarillo verdosa; labelo vistoso, 10–15 mm de largo, morado obscuro, maculado con amarillo cremoso, estaminodios laterales petaloides, adnados al labelo, formando en conjunto una estructura 3-lobada, estambre con conectivo largo y morado, envolviendo la parte superior del estilo. Cápsula subglobosa a elipsoide; semillas lustrosas negras, arilo blanco, lacerado.

    Poco común en márgenes de bosque, zonas atlántica y pacífica; 0–900 m; fl sep–oct; Nee 28451, Stevens 14706; originaria de Asia, cultivada por sus rizomas, que se conocen comercialmente como "Jengibre". Usada como especia y planta medicinal. Género con ca 85 especies, nativo de Indomalasia, el este de Asia y Australia tropical.

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    Ginger [the classical name, from Sanskrit crngavera]

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