Martyniaceae Horan.
  • Char. Ess. Fam. 130. 1847. (30 Jun 1847)

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General Information

Herbs annual or perennial, sometimes with tuberous roots, usually viscid pubescent with uniseriate glandular hairs. Leaves opposite, alternate on upper parts of stem, simple, without stipules. Inflorescences terminal racemes; bracts small, deciduous; bractlets 1 or 2. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic. Calyx of 5 free or partly connate sepals. Corolla tubular, campanulate, or funnelform, laterally enlarged, bilabiate; lobes 5, imbricate. Stamens 2 or 4, inserted at base of corolla tube, adherent; anthers spreading. Disc annular. Ovary superior, 1-locular; parietal placentas T-shaped in section, false septa usually present; ovules few to numerous. Fruit with a fleshy exocarp soon disintegrating and exposing woody endocarp, with woody appendages including apical horns partly derived from style. Seeds black, rugose.

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